Taking the apostrophe out of your small business

As a small business, Aqua Design Group has been on quite a journey over the last year and wanted to share some insights I’ve learned.

You CAN take a different direction
You might be in a situation you think you can’t get out of and it might be giving you daily stress and anxiety.

  • Remove yourself from the situation that’s causing issues.
  • Making the change will open up new possibilities.

You CAN do more with little budgets
Marketing your business, particulary a small business is never an easy task, but it can be cheaper.

  • Consider making your message more fluid through social media, printed material and on your website.
  • Make your printed marketing more accessible by simplifying the message.

You CAN get lots out of social media through networking
You might not be on social media or not on specifici platforms which would enable your business to become more visible.

  • Take part in the larger Twitter competitions such as Theo Paphitis #SBS and Jacqueline Gold #WOW, along with other competitons that can help build your presence on Twitter and shoecase your business.
  • Take part in more networking such as #CreativeBizHour, #twittersisters and #sbswinnershour (if you’re an #SBS winner).

You CAN do more as a small business than you think
Just because you’ve got limited resources as a small business, don’t  let that hold you back.

  • Build your own website and experiment with content to find what fits your business and works for you.
  • A brand can help your business, but don’t always go for the cheapest. It may not be better in the long term.
  • Do NOT be affraid of saying you’re a home based business.
  • Do NOT be affraid of approaching larger businesses, what’s the worse that could happen.