Small Business Friday UK

Small Business Friday UK was an idea brought about to be an alternative to Black Friday, specifically aimed at small business that have felt the impact of various lockdowns due to the covid-19 pandemic.

To get involved use the #SmallBizFridayUK hashtag on Fridays throughout November and December. You’ll then get retweets from other small businesses using the hashtag and you can then retweet other businesses using the hashtag. This will be an annual networking event, so the feel good Friday feeling can be felt each year.

I’ve designed a support badge ‘I’m supporting Small Business Friday’ so that businesses can put this on their social media platforms and on their website in support of small business.

“As a spur of the moment idea a few days before the launch on Friday 13th November 2020, I’m thrilled at the response in the first week and hope this will allow small business affected by the lockdown and covid-19 to get sales and increase their network.”
Dylan Moore, Aqua Design Group