Social media has been a fantastic marketing tool for my small business.

The first of many highlights for my small business was when I won @TheoPaphitis #SBS (Small Business Sunday) on 16th October 2011, which led to adding a page about the win and additional content on my website, such as blogs about events such as #SBSEvent2017, #SBSEvent2018, #SBSEvent2019, #SBSEvent2020, #SBSEvent2021, #SBSEvent2022, #SBSEvent2023 along with additional content which includes work carried out for fellow #SBS winners.

The result of this has resulted in some interesting website search results.

theo paphitis small business sunday
theo paphitis #sbs winner

The second big thing that happened was winning @Jacqueline_Gold #MOM (Men on Monday) in March 2012 and just like when I won #SBS, I decided to promote the win by creating a winners page and create content about my win.

The search engine results have been interesting.

jacqueline gold #mom
jacqueline gold #wow winner

Inspired by these social media wins and the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II in 2012 I decided to create #QueenOf, #KingOf and #MonarchOf competition day.

#smallbusiness competition twitter

The competition hashtags have had some intersting results too.


As I was searching for some things in relation to physical networking I recently put in a search term and found this.

business stockport

I hope you have found this little blog of interest.

If you’re a @TheoPaphitis #SBS winner, @Jacqueline_Gold #WOW winner or a business wanting to get more reach I’d be happy to have a chat and see what you can do as a business to increase your own visibilty.