Proudly Made by…

Proudly Made by was a thought I had as a continuation of the ‘Made in…’ badges I am also designing for regions and areas across the country.

As small businesses we’re unique in the fact we’re an #SBS winner but it’s nice to say that we produce a produce or service and so the #MadeBySBS badge was born.

#MadeBySBS badge for #SBS winners

The badge uses the #SBS branding.

This has then led to other badges being created.

#MadeByWOW badge for Jacqueline Gold #WOW winners

#MadeByQueenOf and #MadeByKingOf badge for #QueenOf and #KingOf winners

As part of this you can also purchase a variety of marketing promotional items to show off the badge.

Mugs, Mouse Mats, Coasters and Phone Cases.

Stickers for #SBS winner Postcake.

#SBS Crew commented “This stylish badge is a great way for winners to continue to shout about their #SBSwin, and enable them to continue to spread the good news that they are one of Theo Paphitis’s #SBS Small Business Sunday winners.   There are now over 3,000 #SBS winners, across a multitude of sectors, in the network and this is another great way for them to showcase their award.”

If you’d like information on the use of the badge or are an #SBS winner wanting to put it on digital marketing, please feel free to contact me on 0161 883 1791 or email