Ignite your branding – utilising what you’ve got

You’re a start-up or a small business and going through the process of designing a logo and now deciding what do with it. All businesses are different, but I hope this blog helps to give you some ideas and a direction for your marketing.

Finalised logo design
Strong graphic of a Phoenix with a military style background, military style font and a clean font for the tag line.

Business Cards
Your smallest and most effective marketing item, sometimes can be overlooked. Nowadays there is a world of possibilities with what you can do with your Business Cards, be it with lamination, spot uv or the shape and size of the cards with cutting formes available. This means you can choose a shape that’s more in keeping with your new logo.

Broadening your brand
Your brand doesn’t end with just your logo, think about what message you are trying to convey throughout your business, be in print or digitally with newsletters and on your website. Icons can enable you to promote more products and services.

If you’re a very customer facing business, you might be considering some type of uniform or workwear.This could range from Polo Shirts, High Viz, Shirts or Name Badges. Just be sure to keep all the colours and font styles consistant.

Vehicle Graphics
Your business may be on the move a lot, so why not utilies that and have your vehicle branded. Ideal if you’re on call on a built up area and you can then been contacted at a later date by someone that might have seen you on the road or parked up.

This is only a snippet of what your business could do. You could also produce Leaflets, Banners, Pop-up Banners, Folders with Brochure Inserts. Frankly the possibilities are endless.

I’d like to add that the Pheonix graphic and all the items pictured in the blog are available to be purchased as this was used purely for illustrative purposes.

If you’d like more information, please feel free to contact me on 0161 883 1791 or email info@aquadesigngroup.co.uk.