We’ve all been there, one minute you’re doing the day-to-day work for the business and you get struck by a bright idea. The question is what you do with it.

The first step
Some might say to keep it to yourself as a way to protect the idea, but then if nobody knows about it how can you test the concept. Talk to some people about it, gauge interest and if met favourably take the idea forward.

The second step
Will you need additional finance or contacts to get it places where you want within the marketplace and if needed in stores? Social Media, in the form of LinkedIn may be the first step to get the contacts you need to enable the business to do this.

The third step
Once you’ve got past any finance issues, the next question is.
Where does it place within your business and as such how will it be marketed within it?
Will you need additional marketing material as a stand alone product/service or will you have to change any existing marketing material and strategy you may already be using.

The creative step
Will you need new branding for the new service or product, does it need packaging designed and produced to go to market, have you thought about where and how it needs to be marketed? TV, Radio, Publication, Large Format Media, Digital and Social Media.

So you’ve thought of the product, found the finance, produced the prototypes and additional branding and packaging. So what are you waiting for… tell the world!