Ghost Signs across Stockport

With new techniques and materials being used for signage and adverting, thought it would be good to have an exploration of older sign writing that are still evident around the streets and buildings of Stockport.

Firstly, what is Ghost Signage?
These are often faded remnants of painted signage that businesses had put on their own outside wall or on the outside walls of nearby houses to advertise their products and services.

Spanns, Didsbury
Now a Costa Coffee, Spanns were a removals business and warehouse on the corner of Wilmslow Road and School Lane. The sign originally read as TEL, 234 DIDSBURY, SPANNS, BLINDS, REMOVING, CARPET LINOLEUM & BEDDING WAREHOUSE but now only part is just about readable.

Spanns - Didsbury

Emersons, Stockport Market
Stockport Market have some iconic buildings so you might be mistaken for missing this particular Ghost Sign as you walk through the market square. This is on the wall of Park Street, next to Blackshaws Cafe adverting Emersons clothiers which made waistcoats, trousers and suits and their business operated in the Market Place around the late 19th and early 20th century. As you can see it was a big sign, so must have made an impression in its day.

Emerson Ghost Sign - Stockport Market

Pharmacist, Offerton
Sadly can’t find any information about the name of this pharmacist, despite numerous search engine searches. Now on the outside wall of House Estate Agents on the corner of Hall Street and Graham Road. The pharmacist come insurance business had a very Yellow sign.

Chemist - Hall Street, Offerton

This is a small selection of Ghost Signs we’ve found across Stockport. Why not go out for a walk and discover the rich history and heritage in your area.

Not related to Stockport but is fun and we like fun at Aqua Design Group, whilst on the internet came across a business that provides Ghost Signs for the model railway industry, to add more realism and character to the places that are built around the tracks, why not have a look