We all know if you don’t get yourself out there, that your competition will capture the attention of those needing your serivices.

The following is a broad overview of what you can do to clear a path to your door with any Flyer, Booklets or Brochures you produce.

Text and images

I know it’s tempting to put a lot of text on flyers when talking about your services or a particular service you want to promote but you have to grab the attention of people and they may not want to wade through the text to get the message. Keep it brief and to the point.

Obviosuly not all business can afford the services of a photographer but would recommend depending on what you’re wanting to promote and if not and depending on the message be sure to source the appropriate stock images.


Wherever possible you should use your company colours in the literature, it adds continuity across the business and that helps build your brand if someone sees your business for the first time. Use of white space is good as it helps highlight bright products but as you may want to be a bit bold with a certain design that may not walsys be possible.

Be different but not too different for your brand

You may want something more relevant to your industry but not want to fit in with the norm. Look at what your industry produces and see how you can use that to create a unique item of literature that your clients will want to keep hold of and creates a talking point.

Making contact

What’s the point in producing literature and not allowing people to know how to get in contact with you. Call to actions (phone/website) on or throughout the literaure will nudge clients to get in contact and be sure to include any social media access the business uses either in icon form or full web links.

Industry bodies, membership or groups

Is your business a member of a chamber or large networking group? Be sure to include the logo of the organisation (using their rules of use) on literature as may help as an means of introduction and referance point for a client to look you up.

I hope this has been useful and that has been able to guide you to help get the best results.