One major problem with the High Street is that on certain days it seems like a lifeless place!

One idea that a few businesses in Stockport have done is to paint their security shutters with a design that depicts their business, so even when they’re closed they are still standing out and advertising their business. An example of this is in the photo above from Chris King Barber Shop on St Petersgate in central Stockport. The other shops that have done this around Stockport are Studio Ink Well, Hall Street in Offerton and Jake Shoes on Prince’s Street in central Stockport.

Now what would really help if there were improvement grants available for city centre and town centre business for a pilot project to be set-up to show what can be accomplished and of course what wider benefit the area could be generated.

How would it benefit my business?
For starters if you’re not adverting your business someone in the industry will be thinking of something to different to catch at attention of those on your street. Not only that, you’re adverting even when your business is closed.
With your choice of design it would also set yourself apart even from similar businesses that are on the same street as your business.

How would I get it done?
There are a variety of businesses that still practice hand painted signage and it’s not a big leap for them to transfer that over to a larger canvas such as security shutters.

Approach your local council to see if this could be viable from a planning stand point, you may be in a preservation area and as such this may not work. You can but ask.