Made in Hampshire Badge

After I designed the Made in Stockport badge I was approached by a variety of people to create badges so they could show off they make or are based in their region. One such region was the Made in Hampshire #MadeInHampshire badge, which used the iconic Bargate landmark in Southampton as part of the design. This can be used by artists, artisans and for businesses based in Hampshire to show off they are based in the area. The badge is available in a digital form, so it can be used on social media and on websites but marketing items such as Stickers, Mugs, Mouse Mats, Coasters can also be purchased to show off the badge and the individual businesses brand.

“Being able to Promote that our products are ‘Made In Hampshire’ is important for Strength Cards.
Hampshire is a strong, proud county, resilient and resourceful, with a history of doing its best for the country, businesses based in Hampshire can proudly display with badge, promoting their businesses and encourage shoppers to buy local, helping the local economy and attracting buyers from other counties.”
Debbi Wood, Strength Cards